VSM strives on ensuring every student who is enrolled with us understands the importance of placements and what it takes to ensure companies which come to our campus and provide our students with opportunities to excel.

Placements is not a one-day process and we provide every student a platform with the best available resources in terms of learning, industry interaction, internships with actual hands-on learning to get a clear understanding of expectations which makes our students “Industry Ready” to help them become confident and ensure success.

We continuously keep interacting with companies to ensure they seek highly motivated, passionate and eager to learn professionals. We endeavor to add new companies to our list of already existing onces throughout the year.

The placement team has a wide spectrum of industries to access the needs and plays a dual role of mentors to our students and research insight to academic teams respectively to ensure students have an insight into the latest trends in the markets and is ready to adapt rapidly to the expectations of the organizations.

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