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Financial Research & Valuation Modeling Specialisation

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Financial Research

Why Financial Valuation and Modelling as a Specialization in PGDM?

As India became a trillion-dollar economy and a destination of global investment, the demand for financial analysts is on an all-time high.

Financial Valuation Job is one of the most exciting careers in the finance domain since it is a dynamic profile with extensive exposure to the various valuation techniques. Each assignment is different since the sector comes into play. To execute any valuation assignment, you need to have the required expertise & the technical skills to carry out the same effect.

In the case of valuation of Tangible assets, the candidate can work in any valuation companies who hire people on a case to case basis as and when the assignment is sourced, and work needs to be done. Hence it can be taken as a Freelancing Job also as the Candidate will be called to offer his professional services concerning that specific assignment for which there can be an agreed-upon fee-sharing ratio as well.

Thus, the Financial Business Valuation career is one of the creamiest jobs in the industry because of the knowledge element.

Financial analysis of companies, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Financial Modeling of companies, reviewing debt and equity securities, valuation of intellectual property, business valuations, intangible asset valuations, and option valuations are just some of the tasks that financial valuation analysts work on across multiple industries.

Top reasons to choose Financial Valuation and Modelling as a Specialization

How much is your business worth? That is not a speculative question, or one that should be answered with a “ballpark” guess. Attaching an accurate valuation to a company is a critical part of ongoing business strategy.

  • Exit Strategy Planning.If you are planning to sell your business it is a great idea to set a base line value for the business and develop a strategy to improve the profitability to increase the value as an exit strategy.
  • Buy/Sell Agreements.If you are in a partnership or LLC, a buy/sell agreement between principals can help to avoid future disputes. A mutually agreed upon value is the starting point for an agreement that is acceptable to all parties.
  • Shareholder or Partnership Disputes.Then again, things don’t always work out. If an owner decides they want out of the partnership, an independent business valuation is necessary to arrive at a fair settlement of ownership interest.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.If your growth strategy includes buying or merging with another company, a business valuation will help you determine if the price you are being asked to pay is a fair one.
  • To Determine the Annual Per Share Value of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).In order to meet ERISA and IRS requirements, shares of Employee Stock Ownership Plans must be valued by an independent valuation expert on an annual basis to establish a fair stock price.
  • When negotiating with banks, venture capitalists or other prospective investors, an objective valuation will help in raising capital.
  • Litigation Support. An objective appraisal can help in negotiating a pretrial settlement or, if the matter goes to trial or arbitration, expert testimony of a Certified Valuation Analyst can strengthen a case where the value of a business is an issue.
  • Gift Tax Planning.Avoid problems with the IRS by having an accurate, defensible and documented value.
  • Estate Planning.Nobody wants to leave their heirs with the burden of paying heavy taxes on a business that was undervalued. Knowing the value of your business is necessary in order to adequately fund a future estate tax liability.
  • Marital Dissolution.A fair market value of the business interests must be established for an equitable division of assets.

Careers / Jobs Roles in Financial Valuation and Modelling

Check out some of the top job options available to candidates after a PGDM in Financial Valuation and Modeling course:

  • Investment Banks
  • Equity Research Companies
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Financial KPOs
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Project Finance Companies
  • Corporate Finance

Salary Packages for Financial Valuation and Modelling Experts

The determination of salary of financial analyst is done on the basis of skills and knowledge the professional possesses. Any fresher financial analyst can earn any salary in the range of INR 15,000- INR 40,000 per month. After five or more years of work experience there is four to five times growth in the salary package of financial analysts.

Check out some of the prominent Job Roles with respective Median Salaries which are available for the PGDM candidates:

  • Management Trainee Analyst
  • Junior Financial Analyst
  • Consultant Business Analyst
  • Financial Valuation Analyst
  • Financial Valuation Manager
  • Financial Modelling Analyst
  • Research Analyst


Top Recruiters for Financial Valuation and Modelling Experts

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young (E&Y)
  • Price Water House Coopers (PwC)
  • KPMG
  • Mercer Capital
  • Edelweiss
  • ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd
  • Capri
  • Bajaj Capital
  • Anarock
  • L&T Finance
  • HDFC Asset Management Company Limited
  • Citicorp Financial Services Limited
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • DSP Merill Lynch
  • Karvy Consultants

Growth of Financial Sector in India | Facts & Figures

  • The growth of financial sector in India at present is nearly 8.5% per year. The rise in the growth rate suggests the growth of the economy. The financial policies and the monetary policies are able to sustain a stable growth rate.
  • The financial sector in India had an overall growth of 15%, which has exhibited stability over the last few years although several other markets across the Asian region were going through a turmoil. The development of the system pertaining to the financial sector was the key to the growth of the same. With the opening of the financial market variety of products and services were introduced to suit the need of the customer. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) played a dynamic role in the growth of the financial sector of India.
  • The banking system in India is the most extensive. The total asset value of the entire banking sector in India is nearly US$ 270 billion. The total deposits is nearly US$ 220 billion.

PGDM Module III Specialization – Financial Research and Valuation Modelling

Discounted Cash

Trading Comparable Analysis

Transactions Comparable Analysis

Investment Banking Module

Financial Statement Analysis