PGDM in Marketing Management is an exciting and dynamic field of study. There is both an analytical and creative aspect to marketing management. As analysts, marketers seek to understand why individuals and organizations buy what they do. With the growing sources of detailed marketing transactions data – including smartphones, smart energy meters, automobiles, social networks, emails, and industrial machines that sense, create, and communicate data – using data today is a business imperative.

It is a known fact that ‘Marketing’ happens to be the first choice for most PGDM students when it comes to specialization.

It is a known fact that ‘Marketing’ happens to be the first choice for most PGDM students when it comes to specialization. What is the reason why so many students choose marketing as a specialization? Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Most sought after profession
  2. Highest Number of Opportunities
  3. Fierce Competition
  4. Lucrative Career
  5. Globalization
  6. Fastest Career Growth
  7. Higher Retention
  8. Edge over others
  9. Challenging Assignments
  10. Ability to work in a team
  11. Group thinking
  12. Negotiation Skills
  13. Building Brand ‘YOU’
  14. Industry Exposure
  15. Communication Skills
  16. Creativity and Innovation

Few jobs to start with a career in Marketing Sector after PGDM in Marketing Management:

  1. Sales / Marketing Representative – Entry Level
  2. Marketing Coordinator
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. New Product Manager
  5. Market Research Analyst
  6. Content Manager
  7. Communication Manager
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Brand Manager
  10. Promotion Manager
  11. Marketing Manager / Head
  12. Advertising Manager
  13. Public Relations Manager

Salary is an important barometer of career growth and development. In marketing domain, growth in salary digits can be achieved as and when you gain experience. Here is the bifurcation of salary that is offered to Marketing Management PGDM graduates in general:

Level in organisation

Salary (INR in Lakhs)


2 – 10


3.5 – 12


4 – 15


6 – 50


Some of the significant employers from worldwide organizations who recruit PGDM in Banking and Finance Management are as follows:

  1. Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. – Investment Banking
  2. Accenture – Consulting
  3. Johnson & Johnson – Corporate
  4. Deutsche Bank – Investment Banking
  5. American Express – Corporate
  6. Abbott – Corporate
  7. Microsoft Corporation – Technology
  8. Ernst & Young – Consulting and accounting
  9. HDFC Bank
  10. State Bank of India
  11. Hewlett Packard – Corporate
  12. com – Technology
  13. Fidelity Investments – Investment Management

The Indian marketing industry is estimated to reach a value of INR 900 crore by the end of 2021, according to GroupM INCA’s India Influencer Marketing Report. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% till 2025 to reach a size of INR 2,200 crore. The chances of achieving objectives and goals are greater when a company has an effective marketing strategy in place. Though there is always room for traditional strategies such as targeting the audience through television or radio, the modern consumer is progressively using other methods (the Internet, mobile phones, etc.) to access information. Here, social media marketing is vital, especially in a country like India which is one of the youngest in the world demographically and has a growing broadband market.

Marketing Industry Dynamics

  1. Marketers in India typically utilize television, print and the Internet for marketing their offerings. Some key figures related to these sub-segments are given below:
  2. The Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry grew from Rs 728 billion (US$ 11.74 billion) in 2011 to Rs 820 billion (US$ 13.22 billion) in 2012, a growth of 12.6 per cent.
  3. Total advertising expenditure (AdEx) across the media sector stood at Rs 327.4 billion (US$ 5.28 billion) in 2012, while advertising revenues grew by 9 per cent.
  4. Print continued to dominate, accounting for 46 per cent of the advertising revenue at Rs 150 billion (US$ 2.42 billion).
  5. Television led in the M&E industry while new media segments (like animation/VFX) and Films and Music segments also recorded discernible growth. Radio is projected to record a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6 per cent in the period 2012–17, post the roll out of Phase 3 licensing.
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