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Mentors Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders"

Dr. Urvashi Ohri - Dynamic educator and researcher

Dr. Urvashi Ohri

Dynamic educator and researcher in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, with a passion for fostering inclusive workplaces.

Prof. Suparna Majumdar - professor in Finance

Dr. Suparna Majumdar

Esteemed professor in Finance, known for her expertise in financial analytics and sustainable economic practices.

Prof. DK Sharma PIC Industry Expert

Prof. D K Sharma

Industry Expert in Business Statistics and Quantitative Techniques, 20+ Years in Pharma Sector

Prof. Viren Gupte_PIC

Prof. Viren Gupte

Authority on Business Environment and International Business with Extensive Industry Experience


Prof. Rubina Mohammad

Accomplished in Marketing, Advertising, and Communications with Extensive Teaching Experience

Prof. Salman Sakarwala Innovator in Digital Marketing

Prof. Salman Sakarwala

Innovator in Digital Marketing and E-commerce strategies, with a flair for integrating technology in business

Prof. Nikita Shah PIC Expert in International Trade

Prof. Nikita Shah

Expert in International Trade and Global Market Dynamics, with a focus on emerging economies.

Prof. Suhas Vaishampayan

Prof. Suhas Vaishampayan

Experienced Economist with a Strong Focus on Managerial Economics.

Prof. Manisha Choudhary

Prof. Manisha Choudhary

Renowned in Sales and Marketing Techniques, Leadership, and Organizational Change Management.

Specialist in Environmental Economics

Prof. T. K. Kubra

Specialist in Environmental Economics, dedicated to teaching sustainable business practices.