Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Finance, Data Analytics, Consulting are not just buzz words any more but the need of the hour and there’ll continue to be a need for customization,  flexibility, and lifelong learning at business school.

At Valia School of Management (VSM) we understand this need and with professionals from various industries who have spearheaded companies over 25 years at CXO levels globally, are now dedicated to creating world class management professionals for the new age economy.

Technology has taken over every aspect of our personal and professional lives and ignoring IT is not an option any more. Today multi-billion dollar decisions are made based on analysis and data which are now available to take very accurate, long term, and if need be, controlled steps.

The need to incorporate these data driven programs into management across all specializations in imperative and the students who are going to embrace this will have a huge advantage over others.

While the core principals of management remain intact, the variables have changed dramatically and thus the need to incorporate the same in our programs too. The need for hands on learning is far more relevant today than ever before and our 6-8 month internships is a path breaking initiative in that aspect. We have over 100 Corporates to choose from our internships and many more for our final placements.

Our Philosophy of ”Continuous Learning” is at the core of our program and will always be available to both students and faculty who are eager to learn and put in effort to reach their professional and personal goals.

Community is the heart of who we are – Together We are committed to nurturing a welcoming and inclusive environment that inspires everyone to be better together. We encourage every individual to bring their full self to all that we do. We develop leaders who better humanity through action. We build the future by striving to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Our strength lies in encouraging imagination, curiosity and innovation to solve unstructured, real-world problems. We gather insights by listening and truly hearing each other. We find strength in diversity and originality. We proactively lift each other up to improve and grow.

With over 500+ Corporate leaders at all levels, willing to share their experience, expectations and suggestions, VSM will create an experience for our students which will be unmatched in management schools.

We welcome you to come and be a part of the “New World of Management – By doing it”

Our Vision

To be an affordable, futuristic business school recognized for leading innovative management program, creating real value in the corporate world and inspires to create a sustainable societ

Our Mission

The Mission of Valia School of Management (VSM) is to educate young minds who will make a difference in the ever evolving world. To create an environment of continuous learning based on trust and mutual respect, freedom to express and inquire, and a commitment to excellence, to help create a sustainable world.
We are equally committed to developing our faculty, and to creating and disseminating knowledge, concepts, and tools which advance the understanding and practice of management.

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